What’s included in your Log Cabin In A Box ™

Building Blueprints  — Full assembly blueprints for job site information and they are suitable to begin building permit discussions with your local municipality. In all of the store items.
The Logs– Included are the required, specialized cut to length, solid exterior wall logs and log columns. The wall logs are solid 8”x8”x48” logs that are double tongue and grooved so that when stacked together they make an impervious seal from the outside weather.  (BEWARE OF NARROWER LOGS -THEY DO NOT MEET ICC-400 LOG CODES)  The exterior walls also use vertical 8”x10”x90” solid logs that are designed to carry the roof loads. These vertical logs also are grooved to fit a mating groove on the horizontal wall logs that are stacked perpendicular to the vertical column. The Log Cabin In A Box ™ logs are kiln dried pine and require no cutting. They will fit with precision to the mating part. When the logs are stacked together, the exterior wall is completed on the outside and inside of the building. Pre-drilled electrical wiring holes and electrical boxes per code. Specially machined logs are included for the window and door areas. No cutting required!
The Rafters– Massive 3”x12” timber rafters are pre-cut and make a “million dollar” interior ceiling finish look. They fit together precisely and create an awesome interior appearance. The 7/12 roof pitch ensures an inspiring feel inside the log cabin as well as creating extra space in loft areas. Decorative tie rafter hardware and bolts ensure a structurally strong rafter assembly capable of carrying most normal roof loads.
Flashing– Pre-bent and cut to length flashing is included for all window, foundation and gable area flashing requirements.
Gable Framing– The gable rough framing material is pre-cut with matching eve rafters attached and ready to install.
Hardware and Sealants– All hardware including “up lift” restraint hardware is included along with the required sealants required to ensure an energy efficient log building


Simple- Versatile- Budget Friendly


Real Log Walls 
Heavy duty 8”x8” solid walls logs ensure against air infiltration and are ICC code compliant. Don’t be fooled by smaller logs, they may not meet general building codes.  When you place the log, the exterior wall is completed on the outside, inside, and all wiring outlets are pre-drilled.-
Windows and Doors
You can locate windows and doors in any bay during installation even after the building is designed. Our exclusive Log Cabin In A Box ™ using the Woody Log Building System allows for job site changes without incurring added costs. Our system gives you the flexibility to capture certain outside views that you did not know would exist during the planning stage. Most of our clients make changes “on the fly” because once you stand on the floor deck and start to look at the scenery outside of your future cabin, the anticipated views can take on a whole new look. Moving a window or a door by just one “bay” can make all the difference in the world. All cabin parts are interchangeable, making the relocation of windows a snap.
Interior walls
If you choose to add your own interior walls, their placement is as flexible as your imagination dictates. Again, the Woody system allows for interior walls changes during the build process. Our exclusive “free span” log building design allows for this incredible advantage.
Lofts, Extra Storage
All Log Cabin in a Box models includes lofts to give you that always welcome extra storage space. You can build a smaller cabin and still get bonus space via the loft.
Extra Tall Roof Structures
The impressive 7/12 standard roof pitch creates ceiling space that gives a vast feeling of openness making the interior of even a smaller cabin truly awesome.

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