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Can I add wall partitions?

Yes, using standard construction methods,  you can build walls within the cabin. 

A-Interior walls can be added anywhere by purchasing the material locally.  The concept of our Log Cabin In A Box ™ offering is to allow for the greatest flexibility in the final use of your Log Cabin. When installed, the Log Cabin In A Box ™ is basically complete on the outside, cozy and secure and any interior amenities are totally up to you.  The wide open interior allows you to place separate rooms as desired . Interior walls are not required for cabin roof or loft support.

You may want to separate the interior into rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom. This is no problem and is up to your imagination.  Often the bath and bedrooms are located below the storage loft area.  Wall lumber and materials can be purchased at your local lumber yard. Suggested interior layouts are located on the shopping cart page .


Can I add plumbing?
Yes, using standard construction methods, you can plumb this cabin.
Can I add electrical?
Yes, the wall modules are set up to easily run electrical wiring through them so a certified electrician will have no problem wiring this cabin.
Why does the addition of windows or doors not impact the cost of the cabin?

Using sustainable manufacturing methods, we are able to add a window or a door without having to throw away the logs normally used in a log module.

Can I supply my own windows?

Yes, the cabin kit is designed to handle standard sized windows but you will be responsible for the fit and installation. Please note that supplying my own windows will not reduce the price of the cabin kit. 

Can I buy my own roofing materials?
Yes,  we recommend that you do this to avoid shipping costs.  Standard roofing materials can be used.
Can I insulate the roof?

Yes, absolutely.  However, the necessity of insulation really depends on your usage.  If you intend to use this building in a 3-season environment, additional insulation is not necessary.  If you intend for this to be a year-round cabin, we recommend insulation.  You may want to take a look at the manufacturer’s website ( and consider purchasing a customized cabin.

Can I insulate the floor?
Yes, absolutely.  However, the necessity of insulation really depends on your usage.  If you intend to use this building in a 3-season environment, additional insulation is not necessary.  If you intend to this to be a year-round cabin, we recommend insulation.  You may want to take a look at the manufacturer’s website ( and consider purchasing a customized cabin.
What do I use for a foundation?
Most customers choose to install their cabin on a concrete pad.
How long does the cabin kit take to assemble?
With a little help, you can assemble your cabin in a weekend.
Is the outside of the cabin finished?
We recommend that you stain the log cabin yourself.
Can you provide stain?

At this time, we do not sell stain products but you may contact the manufacturer to purchase stain products directly from them.  Contact them at 920-390-4999 or

Is interior finished?

We recommend that a minimum, you seal the interior knotty pine yourself.

Is a permit needed?
In most locations, a non habitable, non conditioned structure under 200 SFT does not need a permit.  We recommend that you contact your local municipality to find out  which ordinances apply.  We have put together a document that explains some questions you should consider asking.
Is the cabin portable?
We have designed these cabin kits to allow them to be moved and reconfigured.  If your budget only allows you to build a cabin that is 2 bays X 2 bays now, you can add onto it in the future.
Do I need special equipment to unload my cabin?

We will deliver your cabin on pallets and it is easiest unloaded using unloading equipment however the material can be moved by unwrapping the pallets.  You will only have one hour to unload the delivery truck due to limitations of our carrier contract.  Some restrictions apply. Delivery will be coordinated with manufacturer personnel.

Does a semi come to my house?

You will specify the delivery site and based upon access to the property, we will designate a delivery location. Some restrictions apply.  Factory logistics personnel will contact you to coordinate this delivery.

Can I purchase an "L" shaped kit?
These cabin kits are set up to be either rectangular or square.  If you want a more custom cabin, you may want to take a look at the manufacturer’s website ( and consider purchasing a customized cabin.
What instructions come with the cabin?
A full instruction manual is delivered with your kit.  In addition, we have a full series of how to videos available to show you how to assemble your kit. Complete installation instructions are shipped with the kit and are available once the cabin is ordered.  Videos are available online as well as basic installation overviews to assure yourself that the installation is easy.  Many customers make the installation a family affair or employ the local handyman for some assistance.
I have read a lot about tiny homes, why the rage and why would I want one?
Tiny homes have become popular because of the cost and the easing of building restrictions associated with small structures. Small habitable structures basically describe tiny homes.  Portability may also be important.  A unique lifestyle may also play into the equation.  Tiny homes normally are ho hum built with unimaginative unalterable designs.   Our tiny cabins are the “real deal” built with genuine solid logs which offer versatility dictated by your imagination and are budget friendly.
What about cost?
-Go to the shopping cart for Tiny Log Cabin Kit and optional costs

The shopping cart is where you will finalize your purchase.  Pricing fluctuates based on local market conditions and are adjusted periodically.  The shopping cart will show current pricing as well as any current sales in progress.

I love the idea of a storage loft. How do I access the loft?
The tiny log cabin kit does not include a ladder.  The storage loft is great for storing additional gear not used every day.  Seasonal clothing or recreational items can be accessed with a portable ladder purchased on line or locally-search “ships ladders”
What will I need to install in the cabin that is not included in the kit?
A cabin floor, the finished roofing and interior/exterior log stain.

The cabin floor can be wooden or concrete.  This decision is variable due to the final use of the cabin and where you are building.  Roofing colors and styles are too numerous & need to be purchased locally.  Stain colors are too numerous to identify.  The complete Bill of Material for your selected model will give you suggestions and quantities of the required materials.

Can I choose how many windows and doors I want?
The hallmark of a Tiny Log Cabin is your ability to design what you want to suit your dreams. A series of cabin “bays” assembled like LEGO blocks create the cabin “foot print” or outside dimension of your cabin.  A “bay” can be a solid wall log “bay”, a window “bay” or a door “bay”.  At no additional charge, you can mix and match the 3 basic “bays” to get the cabin design you want.  The ingenious Woody Log Building System ™ allows side by side “bay” placement to get any desired design.  The information on the shopping cart page gives you various examples of “bay” placements.  The windows come in 3 different sizes, 48” wide x 29”,44” or 59” tall.  The shopping cart instructions will help you select the window size.  The exit door size is a standard 36”x80” and the solid log walls are 48” wide and 90” tall. You can put any style “bay” window, door or solid log in any location within your building “foot print”.
What basic tools are required?
A ladder, hammer, tape measure and a skill saw. If a cordless drill and cordless impact wrench are available, it will make installation much easier.  Nails and screw fasteners come with the kit so you are covered either way.
What is a footprint and what are my cabin size options?

The building foot print can be any combination of bays with a maximum size of 16 total bays with any one side not exceeding 4 bays or 19’4”. See shopping cart for detailed models.  At this time, we are only offering 6 distinct configurations.  The smallest is an 8 bay cabin and the largest is a 16 bay cabin.  If you are looking for a more customized cabin, please contact the manufacturer directly at

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